Til siste hinder / Coming home

15-year-old fashion blogger and city girl Ida hates every second of her new life, having just moved with her parents to a small farm in Nordland in the rural parts of northern Norway. Matters turn from bad to worse when her mother forces her to meet the locals, making Ida realise how mismatched she and her new surroundings really are. Ida decides to run away, but things do not turn out as she plans, and on her way back to town she encounters a horse by the name of Kehilan – and suddenly life gets new meaning…

Coming Home is a feel-good drama with tough girls and horses, in an engaging story from the beautiful Helgeland Coast.

This was my debut as a feature film director.


Produced by: Filimo Film and Atom Film
Year: 2011
Genre: Feature (Family drama)
Length: 01:21:00
Screened/broadcast: Cinema, Blu-Ray, Netflix and web
Cast: Julie Nordhuus, Elise Strømberg, Marthe Vonheim, Hanne Øberg, Nina Pernille Marlow and Marianne Meløy

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