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Andyax Youtube channel

The past years, my Youtube channel called Andyax (309000 subscribers) has increased dramatically in both views and subscribers.

Now I’m a part of the Youtube Network Nordic Screens and the channel has become a place for me to teach people from all around the world how to make films on a budget.

My main motto is: Everything is possible when being creative!

The Life of Zelda & Salto

My second channel is called The Life of Zelda & Salto and is about my two Siberian cats named Zelda and Salto. They are siblings, and since I first got them, I’ve documented their life with both my phone- and professional camera.  Together with a couple of friends, we manage to upload new episodes every Friday. The viewer can stay tuned on our Facebook page and buy merchandises from our Zelda & Salto store.

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