Back in 2014, I was asked to direct a new TV-series (documentary) about seven Norwegian Dj/producers who live their big dream. All the Dj’s are superstars abroad, but most of them are not that well known in Norway. How is that? That was the idea of the series, made by Andreas Hedemann from Warner Bros acquired Eyeworks.

Together with my friend and colleague Jørn Ranum, producer Andreas Hedemann and the tv host Gisle Stokland, we went all around the world, capturing four days of the artists Kygo, CLMD, Lemaitre, Matoma, Fehrplay, Broiler and Da Tweekaz.

I have been editing the series for a couple of months now, and the first two episodes are released by Norways biggest newspaper VG. It’s my first try making a documentary series like this, so it was a bit challenging. No screenplay = crazy! But the team was amazing. My job as a director and editor has been especially important in the editing, since that’s were the stories are made. I want every episode to be unique and reflect the artist visually.

See two of my favorite episodes here (English subtitles):

Episode 5 (Da Tweekaz):

Episode 3 (Matoma):