Good sound quality is important to gain your overall video quality. With these low budget equipment, you can improve your sound a lot!

The Rode videomic Pro costs $229 and is perfect for both amateurs as well as professionals. This microphone is an upgraded version of the Rode videomic. This time, it’s smaller, more robust and has a nice gain function that will improve you sound quality when filming with DSLR’s.

I do recommend that you film with manual settings within the camera when you are shooting in a quiet environment. Then you will get less audio noise.

The Rode smartLav+ is also a nice microphone. It’s a lapel/lavalier microphone which you can easily attach to your subject. Use either a sound recorder, or your cellphone to record your subject even if he/her is standing far away from the camera. Download a sound recorder app, like “Audio Recorder Pro” (I have only tested it on windows phone), to capture uncompressed audio in .wav for example in 44000khz or 48000khz.

Thanks to Thomas Leypoldt for the great music, and Jørn Nyseth Ranum for the nice 200mm shot in the beginning and in the end ;)