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The last update on my debut feature film “Til siste hinder” was the news about the filmfestival in Lübeck. Since then, the DVD and Blu-ray have been available in stores in Norway. I visited a DVD-store the other day and asked the seller about the film, and she actually said that it was the best selling DVD at her store. That was amazing to hear, and the second day I was informed that the film was the number one top selling DVD at Spaceworld! (see picture 6 below). This was far over my expectations, and I’m really glad to hear that people like the film!

We have also been in contact with a sales agent in Denmark who will release the film in other countries too. Because of this, I was asked to write a Directors statement for “Til siste hinder” and thought I could share it with you:

Anders Øvergaard – Director statement – “Coming home”

I was quite surprised when I was asked to direct “Coming home” as I had just graduated from Nordland College of Art and Film in Lofoten, at the age of 21. I replied immediately that I was very interested in doing this job, since I both loved the screenplay and since this was a big chance for me to enter the film industry.

The woman behind the film is the screenplay writer and producer Kathrine Haugen, and she wanted “Coming home” to be a feel-good film for the whole family. I knew quite fast that this was a nice task for me, although it included direction of children and animals, which are supposed to be the hardest to direct. But my little sister was a great inspiration, since she was quite like the main character “Ida” and at the same age. I went to the stable together with her and watched how she communicated with horses and I could feel right away the magical relationship between horses and humans. This special bond was one the most important emotions I wanted to express in “Coming home”.

To be able to create magical and mysterious atmospheres and to bring the audience away from their every day life is what I really like about making films. In “Coming home”, I wanted the audience to feel how it could be to live in the beautiful, Norwegian countryside with a close connection to such great animals. One of my goals was to make the audience leave the cinema with a sensation of freedom and new possibilities. The bond between human, horse and nature was the fundament to express this and the actors helped me making this credible.

The locations were found at the stunning landscapes of Sømna in the Northern part of Norway and the story was to be told here. We had a local audition in Sømna to find three girls for the film. There was no problem finding girls with riding experience, but it surprised me how well they could act too, considering they were amateurs. We found three girls that matched the roles perfectly and the main character was found through Kathrine’s family.

The shooting went really well, despite the low budget and the inexperienced actors. I think my young age helped me a lot to get in better contact with the girls, and thereby making them less stressed and nervous on set. Since they knew a lot about horses, it was a big plus when doing the horse scenes. We had, in the pre-production, picked out the horse we wanted to use as the main horse. It was important for me to have a horse with a lot of character and it had to be calm and patient on set. We were therefor very lucky to find “Svarten” as the role “Kehilan for “Coming Home”.

Pic 1: Inger-Lill, me and Odd (producer) at the Hotel in Lübeck.
Pic 2: I had to give a speech when we won the prize (video of the speech will come!)
Pic 3: The children’s jury who chose our film to win.
Pic 4: All the winners of Nordic Film Days Lübeck 2011.
Pic 5: Odd, me and Stine Oppegaard.
Pic 6: “Til siste hinder” as number 1 at Spaceworld.

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