Wow, is this a dream? That was my first thought, and also the start of my speech, when I entered the stage at the award ceremony on Saturday for the Nordische filmtage in Lübeck, Germany. A children jury had seen several international children feature films throughout the festival, and had chosen my debut feature film “Til siste hinder” (“Coming home”) as the winner of the “The Prize of the Children’s Jury”. I had never expected this, and when they called me up to the stage, I was quite shocked.

The Nordic Film Days Lübeck, has one of the longest traditions of any film festival worldwide, and is an important meeting place for the film industry in Germany and northern Europe. Important people from the film industry, celebrities, producers, directors, actors, film enthusiasts and so on, are gathered to see films and meet in an four day event every year. The price ceremony were held at the end of the festival, and for me, it was like attending the Oscars. A big theater with moving floodlights, dressed up people arriving at the red carpet, press, big and outstanding stage, live music, tv-cameras, hosts, speeches… you now what I mean. And for me to be a part of this, was like having the most awesome dream.

Filmtage Lubeck ceremony Anders
At the picture, you can see all the winners.  The Norwegian films that won was”Kongen av Bastøy” which won two prices and the documentary “My Beloved – A film About Love and Courage” by Hilde Korsæth which won a price.  The jury for the children award who handed my the award, which consisted of children, stated for that the story of a city girl who moves to the country and discovers her love of horses shows that “true friendship is one of the most important things people can share in life.”

Now I’m back to Norway with a really nice trophy and a check worth 5000 euros. I don’t think I have yet understand that this really happened. I just want to congratulate all the people that have worked making “Til siste hinder” and hope you enjoy the award as much as I do :)

I will come back with pictures etc from the festival. Meanwhile you can take a look at this:

Nordische filmage Lübeck announcement (eng)

“Barnefilm sjarmerte tyskerne” NRK (norwegian)