Premiere at Colosseum “til siste hinder”There have been some stressfull, but fun weeks! My debutfilm “Til siste hinder” was screened at Haugesund Film Festival last Monday, the film had an amazing premiere in Oslo last Wednesday, and on Friday it was screened in cinemas all over Norway!

Today, five days have passed since the premiere, and over 11 000 people have seen the film at cinemas! The reviews have been very varied, but the audience seem to love the film. Some say it is the best movie they have ever seen, and others want to see it several times. It’s amazing to hear this! A lot of international distributors have also contacted us and hopefully “Til siste hinder”, with the english title “Coming home”, will be released in other countries too! =)

Now, I finally have time to rest, and update you guys! I will start by uploading my short “Contact” when I reach 10 000 subs! I’m glad to be back :D

Ps: Check out the picture from the big premiere with nearly 1000 people in the audience!