Hello everyone! I’m now back from vacation and ready to upload more videos and news! I have two new videos to come, but I can’t tell what they are about yet since it’s a surprise.

And thanks for all your comments! Because of them I know that people read my stuff, and It motivates me to continue uploading more. So keep ’em coming!

One more thing: It’s crazy. It’s just about one month left to the premiere of my debut film “Til siste hinder”! It’s so scary to think about it, especially to think about the reviews that will be written. And it’s a though competition this autumn to get enough audience, because there are so many good films to come. 19th of August “Få meg på for faen” has a premiere, 26th of August “Hodejegerne” has a premiere (the same date as “Til siste hinder”), the 31th of August “Oslo 31. august” has a premiere, and it got a lot of good reviews already. So we’ll see how the outcome and the reviews will be! I’m excited!